How to Talk to your Web Designer

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You know this because:

  • You've tried looking for a web designer and don't understand a word they say. This course will help decode some of the language for you.
  • You have waited and waited for a response from a web designer with no luck. Learn how to avoid communication pitfalls and get things moving along a little faster.
  • You've spent a small fortune on a beautiful website that hasn't sold anything or brought you any leads. Find out what good, affordable web design looks like for a business website.

This course is for business owners who want to learn how to speak to a web designer so they'll listen - and end up with a website that does the job! The course covers the hidden things business owners never think about when approaching a web designer. It unpacks all the problems: how to understand the 'tech talk', how a web designer's head works, the parts you need in place BEFORE sitting down with them, and how to manage a project once it is up and running.

The course includes:

  • 7 video lectures, just under 75 minutes in total
  • scripts for most lectures, where relevant
  • audio only versions of each lecture
  • two workbooks

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If you don't understand what the purpose of your website is, nor what good web design is, a shifty web designer will spot you coming.

And you will be fleeced for your ignorance.

Before you spend $500 on a new website, ask yourself:

  • How do I know I'll get my money's worth?
  • Is this a reasonable price for a website?
  • What is a well-designed website worth?
  • What problems could I have with a web designer which will cost me money?
  • How do I find and choose a good web designer?
  • What do I need before I speak to a web designer?

Wouldn't you like to know the possible pitfalls ahead? BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T...

  • $500 will be your MINIMUM spend,
  • Redoing a website will mean spending ANOTHER $500,
  • A badly done website will lose you potential SALES / LEADS,
  • And you will be overcharged if you don't have a clue what your website is supposed to do.



This course will take a fraction of your time and stop you from losing thousands on a poorly designed website. You'll be able to confidently find a good web designer, be fully prepared for that first sit-down, speak 'their' language and when the final product is put before you, assess accurately if your site is well designed before settling the final bill.


Some business owners share their stories

"My website designer and I clearly don't speak the same language. Maybe it's because I don't understand the website jargon, or maybe he doesn't understand English? Or could I be speaking Greek and he Russian?

We have wasted a great deal of time with back and forth messages on technical issues I simply don't understand.

Either way, it annoys me I have to tell him to do obvious things - like taking down a special or an ad that's no longer running. Incorrect information on my website loses me sales! It would be great if I were able to do small things like this myself."

- Lauren, Business owner: Cleaning Services

"I call and call and call my web designer, but I never get hold of him. And he doesn't answer his emails neither! I'm getting pretty frustrated.

After months of struggling I still don't have a website. No-one knows where to find my business, or how to contact me online - because there's nothing there. In these tough economic times, I can't afford to lose a single lead, I need all the help I can get to keep my business afloat. But my web designer doesn't seem to care about this."

- Werner, Owner, Medical Laboratory

"Years ago I was approached by a web designer who offered to do a WordPress site for a service I wanted to offer. His fee was just over $3,000. My budget was actually a tenth of that.

I told him quite clearly I didn't care about the colours, I just wanted a website that worked. However, he logged in 165 times to get the colours 'just right'. Needless to say, I gently let him go."

- Pete, Academy of Business Owners

Learn how a web designer thinks and speaks so you can get the website you want.

Save yourself $$$ in the process.

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Your Instructor

Anzelle Booysen
Anzelle Booysen

I must have been the most annoying child under the sun.

I clearly remember, at age four, taking my father's alarm clock apart. And reassembling it again, minus the bit that made the alarm pop up. He was not charmed, I can assure you.

It morphed into other stuff as I grew up, this constant thirst for insight into how things all hang together. I turned it into an online career and started building websites for small businesses. Now I get to smash together code, colour and content and come up with great online concoctions.

With each website I built for a business owner, I learned a new aspect of how a well-planned website can make or break a business. The tech on websites keeps advancing. The learning journey continues.

A website is a tool. Hone that tool properly from the start, and it can save you time and money.

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  Business owners are from Venus and web designers are from Mars
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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.