A quick overview

Here's what the course is going to cover:

In just under 75 minutes (if you watch all the videos, but if you're a fast reader, you can download the scripts and cover the material faster), you're going to find out WHY business website projects can be a nightmare. Web designers don't think about business like you do, so it's worth taking a look at the gaps they have in understanding where you're coming from, but also the insights they have that could possibly affect your website in ways you have not thought of yet.

And all those technical terms to do with websites – it's imperative you learn the important ones if you want to have a half-decent conversation with your web designer.

Finally, I talk about what to look out for when hiring a web designer, preparing for your first meeting with one – and how to really know when a website design is nailing it. Keep going right to the very end - you'll find two offers in the conclusion that may come in handy as you consider your upcoming website build.

Your outline:

  • Section 1 Business owners are from Venus and web designers are from Mars
    • Lecture 1: What you know, but your web designer doesn't.
    • Lecture 2: What your web designer knows, but you don't.
  • Section 2 Learning to speak Martian
    • Lecture 3 What NOT to say to a web designer
    • Lecture 4 Web Design Jargon for Dummies
  • Section 3 Getting a website that's out of this world
    • Lecture 5 Before meeting a web designer
    • Lecture 6 Finding a web designer
    • Lecture 7 Secrets to good web design